Design Studio add-ons: Graphomate Charts 2.0

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2014 is going to be a big year for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, especially since the recent 1.2 version of Design Studio offers an SDK to create custom components. I expect to see a lot of cool new add-ons in the coming year.

One of the first companies that created such an add-on is Graphomate from Germany. For SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards they already created the Visualization Add-on in the past, and now they made the same add-on available for Design Studio, called Graphomate Charts 2.0.


So what does this add-on offer? The Graphomate Charts lets you visualize data quickly according to the SUCCESS concept of Prof. Hichert. This SUCCESS concept is a set of rules for designing reports and presentations. More info can be found here and on


The charts look very minimalistic and the emphasize is clearly on presenting differences and trends as clearly as possible. In fact, you can edit the looks of each element of a chart (color, filling, shape, width) independently. With the option to activate Deviation Axes you can add extra mini-charts above/besides the chart that display the deviation between two data series (percentage or absolute).


Graphomate Charts is a single component in Design Studio in which you can select the type of chart you want to use. Switching between chart types works very smoothly. There are six chart types: Bar, Line, Integrated Deviation, Pin, Stacked Bar and Waterfall. All these charts can be used in horizontal and vertical orientation.

graphomate4  graphomate3

To define the settings of the component you can use the Properties view and the Additional Properties view, where the second one has a more visual interface and is easier to use. The component supports the scripting language of Design Studio and can therefor be used just like the standard components, i.e. determining and reading its properties at run time to create interactive applications. It has two available events: On element clicked and On new data arrival. Furthermore a lot of methods are available, ranging from getTitle() to setScalingHelperValue(int value).

The video below shows a three minute demo. More information can be found at

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