Video: SAP Analytics Cloud Story Translation [2021.23]

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Did you know you could completely translate your SAC stories? You can adjust the language of the following:

  1. The SAP Analytics Cloud user interface itself.
  2. Data coming through a live connection, for example the dimension member values and the descriptions/names of measures and dimension.
  3. All “local” texts that you added or adjusted in the SAC story and its widgets.

Let’s have a look how this works!

De Nederlandse BI Podcast: SAP TechEd 2021

“TechEd 2021 is a wrap!” Wederom een virtueel event, met als belangrijkste aankondiging de BW Bridge. We behandelen onder andere de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Wat gaat er met BW/4HANA gebeuren?
  • Wat ga je doen als klant als je nu nog op BW 7.3, 7.4 of 7.5 zit?
  • Wat is de pricing?
  • Is er een impact op de front end? 

Veel plezier bij het luisteren!

Video: SAP Analytics Cloud Currency Conversion Measures in New Model [2021.22]

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Earlier this year the “new” model was introduced in SAP Analytics Cloud. Basically the main difference is that we now can work in a measure-based setup while the “classic” model was account-based.

Let’s have a look how we can work with multiple currencies in such a “new” model.

Video: SAP Analytics Cloud Data Analyzer Update [2021.22]

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The SAC Data Analyzer is an ad-hoc analysis tool built-in the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, which works in a similar way as the classic BEx Web or the Analysis for Office plugin for Excel. For some unknown reason you could only access the Data Analyzer via a specific URL; not via the SAC menu (adding a content link in the SAC Catalog would be the most straightforward workaround). I always found this really a shame, as probably just a small part of the SAC community has ever seen and used it, while it is an easy tool to access your (live) data without having to go through all the steps to build a SAC model and a story.

Luckily this changes in QRC2021.4 and Data Analyzer will be much more featured within SAC. A good reason to have another look at it. Check out the video!

SAP Influence Portal for SAP Analytics Cloud

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One of the lesser known areas in the world of SAP is the SAP Customer Influence Program. This is a portal where SAP customers and consultants can bring up new ideas and improvements for all SAP solutions. For SAP Analytics Cloud there is a pretty lively campaign with over 3000 improvement requests.

Apparently the team behind the Influence Program is doing some major evaluations this week, as I already received numerous updates on improvement requests. πŸ˜… Unfortunately, most of my requests are denied and set to the Not Planned status due to a lack of votes. πŸ˜”

So I thought it would be good to have another look at the Influence Portal here on the blog. Probably a lot of you have never even heard of this.

As mentioned, you can propose new features or basically any change to the tool via this Influence Program. The idea is that whenever an improvement request gets a substantial number of votes it will be reviewed by SAP and taken into consideration for a development release. Currently the threshold seems to be 15 votes from different SAP customers/partners (years ago this was only 5 votes, regardless of the customer/partner). Still, there are no guarantees that something will be included in the tool, even when there are a lot of votes. 

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