Design Studio 1.x and hierarchies: Not Assigned node filtering

Posted by Xavier Hacking

In BW hierarchies, the values that are not assigned to a hierarchy node are gathered under the Not Assigned node. The query output shows this node in the hierarchy on the same level as the top node of the hierarchy. This works the same for all SAP front-end tools that support hierarchies (Design Studio, Analysis for Office, BEx Analyzer, BEx Web Analyzer).

So far so good. Last week I ran into an issue with filtering on these Not Assigned nodes in Design Studio. The option just isn’t available! The whole hierarchy is visible in the filter menu, expect for the Not Assigned node! This happens both in prompt filters and the normal filters via a component (i.e. Dimension Filter or filtering via context-menu on Crosstab).

Filter in BEx Web Analyzer:

Web Analyzer Not Assigned

Display and filter in Design Studio:

Design Studio Not Assigned

I found some old SAP Community topics about this behavior and the issue seems to be floating around for a while already (Design Studio 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, probably also earlier versions). Eventually I got a statement from SAP Support that this is not a bug, but the feature to filter on Not Assigned nodes is by design not available due to performance reasons. In Lumira 2.0 (expected this summer) it will be possible to either suppress REST_H from the client, or filter on it.

For now, the workaround I’m using is as follows:

  1. Add the dimension you want to filter the Not Assigned node on, to the rows or columns of the Crosstab.
  2. Make sure the hierarchy is active and the Not Assigned node is displayed.
  3. Right-click the Not Assigned node and select Keep Member on Axis. To select multiple values; hold the CTRL key while selecting the values. - Jan 29, 2017 | Featured, Knowledge sharing, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

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