What you will learn from this book?

  • Become fully equipped with best practices for using the Dashboard Design spreadsheet
  • Present data using the wide variety of data visualization components
  • Learn how to make dashboard components interactive for an enhanced user experience
  • Take advantage of Dynamic Visibility features on the dashboard
  • Master manipulating the look and feel of your dashboards
  • Gain confidence in using alerts on charts and other components
  • Get to grips with advanced Dashboard Design components like the Trend Analyzer, Fisheye Picture Menu, History Component, and the Canvas Component
  • Optimize the user experience of the dashboard
  • Connect your dashboard to live data sources
  • Export and publish the Dashboard Design model into several environments.
  • Learn about the most applicable add-ons available for your dashboard requirements.
  • Master setting up alerts on charts, gauges, maps and scorecards

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