OMG they killed SCN

Posted by Xavier Hacking

The new SAP Community (formerly SCN – SAP Community Network) must be one of the biggest cluster fucks of 2016. It seems to meet all the conditions of the definition:

clusterfuck ‎(plural clusterfucks)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A chaotic situation where everything seems to go wrong. It is often caused by incompetencecommunication failure, or a complex environment.

After a few weeks and several hopeful attempts I’ve totally given up on this platform. And I’m apparently not the only one. The problem with the previous SCN was that it was hard to find stuff. But, when you finally found the right spaces it kinda worked as you could easily browse the discussion topics you were interested in and see whether questions are already answered.

My Lumira question from 23 November has now 6 (!!!) views and 0 replies. And there are lots of other Lumira topics with even less views. If I look at the Design Studio area I see the same thing. Most of the topics have max 10 views. On the old SCN this was a very popular space and people were almost fighting to provide help. Oh, and the upvoting feature isn’t used at all.


The main problem is that the new SAP Community lacks any clear structure (yes, there are ‘tags’) and the bizarre thing seems to be that this is by design! I get the feeling that it doesn’t want to be like a classic forum for some unclear reason.

If I want to go to the Design Studio stuff I need to do the following: First use the Browse Community page to find the Design Studio Community (but why can’t I save my favorite communities?).

Here I see an overview of some Design Studio related links, and at the bottom a few recent questions and blogs. No additional information on the questions (number of replies, answered or not etc.) and only five of them. Useless.


So I have to click on View More Blogs and Questions. This gives me all the blogs and all the questions. But again, no information on the status of these questions. I can only sort by newest or oldest and filter on either blog or question.


Another way to browse this platform is by using the tags, and this seems to be a bit more useful. Now I can see the number of views, replies and status and I can filter on answered/unanswered questions. Also sorting is possible on relevance (?), updated, created, hottest and votes.


Still, it is not really clear for me how I can easily reach this tag area. I now search for “Design Studio”, click the first question, and click the tag in the question to see all questions with this tag. And, what is the relation between the tags and the sub communities, or is there none?

Besides the issues on finding stuff, I really don’t like how inefficient this site uses its space. You have to scroll a lot as there isn’t that much information displayed on a single page.

Let’s try again next year, maybe they fixed it. In the meantime, as I don’t want to miss any good blogs that people, I setup a RSS reader to stay up to date. Check this blog post on how to do this. - Dec 4, 2016 | SAP, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP Lumira
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  1. Dallas Marks
    December 5, 2016


    As somebody who has tried to blog more often to the SAP Community, I find myself asking “what was wrong with the old SCN” and share many of your concerns. I’m not comfortable contributing to the SAP Community in its current form and I’m saddened at how difficult my old posts are for readers to find.

    As Michael Hyatt states in his excellent book Platform as well as this blog post, Don’t Build Your Social Media House on a Rented Lot (, there are good reasons to own your own blogging platform, as you and I already do.

    Hopefully SAP will restore the SAP Community to its former greatness as well as take it to whatever “next level” they determined only a confusing platform switch could accomplish.

  2. William MARCY
    December 5, 2016

    I’ve also give up with the new SCN. It was my home page before but now, I left the blog and I tried once to edit a blog…and add another SAP expert to edit it. Unlucky, no way to do that and I gave up after 30min.

    Unusable, unclear, not relevant, I still don’t know why tags ? Tags ?

    I agree with you, so.

  3. Tobias
    December 8, 2016

    Hi Xavier,

    same here, I am very confused with the new SCN, so I only put my content on my website. But the big problem is, when you search for something via google, you have a lot of dead links. 🙁

  4. Mike Appleby
    May 11, 2017

    Curious to see whether you see any improvement to the community since it went live 7 months ago.

    Looking for a critique to see if the 1DX team’s updates have improved it a little or a lot from when you first reported on it. Need an outside and unbiased opinion.

    Thanks, Mike

    • Xavier Hacking
      May 12, 2017

      Hi Mike,

      So what has exactly been changed since December 2016? I only check the site once in a while…


  5. Iver
    December 6, 2016

    Hey all, I am in a bit difficult situation here, apart from the fact that I will pick up on your comments and make sure it is ventilated within our organization


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