SAP Design Studio minor roadmap update 2015.12.04

Posted by Xavier Hacking

A minor update on the latest SAP Design Studio roadmap was made available this week: revision 2015.12.04. I compared this new roadmap with the previous version (2015.10.23).

1. As Design Studio 1.6 is now available, a ‘further information’ slide is added (slide #27).


2. The Future Direction slide now also makes a statement on the HANA Connector (#53):

 SAP recommends to use the http-based HANA Connector (introduced in version 1.5) going forward. The former HANA connector will not be extended further and hence will not expose newer HANA features to the front-end.

3. They forgot to put in a slide on the Right to Left support in Design Studio 1.6 (#53).


4. SDK enhancements in Design Studio 1.6 slide is added (#54).


5. A miscellaneous slide with every thing else new in Design Studio 1.6 is added (#55).


6. Additions on platform deployment dependencies (#59 + #60).

7. Dependencies on data source slide is added (#61).


8. Dependencies on Component Library slide is added (#62).


9. A new appendix is added fully dedicated to Fiori and S4/HANA Integration (#63 – #66).



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