SAP Logon hack: Make logging on to SAP easier and faster

Posted by Xavier Hacking

I have to logon to a lot of SAP systems each day: SAP BW DAP (Development, Accept, Production), SAP ECC DAP, SAP Solution Manager, sometimes SAP PI DAP, SAP BusinessObjects BI4 Launchpad DAP, SAP BusinessObjects BI4 CMC DAP. Pffff. Each system asks for a username and a password that has to be changed every month or so. Who can remember all these passwords?

Now there is a way to improve this. I found this great blog by Peter Lagner which absolutely must be shared! The blog explains how you can use the application KeePass to store your SAP Logon credentials and to logon to your SAP system without having to remember and type in your username and password every time.

It is very easy to set up. Check Peter’s blog for the details, screenshots and video. In short:

  1. Download KeePass here (get the package version if you’re not allowed to install software on your computer).
  2. Create a new KeePass database with a master password.
  3. Add a new entry.
  4. Fill in a title (use the SAP system name), your username and password.
  5. In the URL box enter the following: cmd://sapshcut -system=BWA -client=100 -user={USERNAME} -pw={PASSWORD} Change BWA into your SAP system name and change 100 into the right client.
  6. Select the entry and use the CTRL+U shortcut to open the ‘url’ and logon to the SAP system. You can also double-click on the url.
  7. To logon to the web-based SAP BusinessObjects BI4 environments go to the url and use CTRL+ALT+A to let KeePass fill in the username and password.

This is a big improvement over logging in manually each time. The only thing that I’m missing right now is a way to assign a system/url to a specific system-wide usable hotkey. Now I still have to go to KeyPass and select a system, but I’d rather eliminate that step by using a shortcut. So if you know how to do this; please share and pick up some karma! - Sep 8, 2012 | Knowledge sharing, Lifehacking, SAP
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  1. Sven van Leuken
    September 10, 2012

    Hi Xavier,

    Thanks for the tip.
    I’ve been using KeePass for about 6 years now and never knew this URL tweak was possible.


  2. Developer
    January 14, 2016

    I have hacked SAP logon program and capture all passwords with user IDs in 1 custom table. I have done this on ides server only but it was fun

  3. Rahul
    September 25, 2017

    is there a way to connect keepass to the sap hana studio?

  4. SAP Training Institute in Delhi
    October 12, 2017

    These SAP logon hacking tips will be helpful for the industries who make use of SAP software on daily basis. There is no need to use login username & password each time you log in to SAP. Thank you for sharing


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