Reading SAP Community blogs via RSS

Posted by on Dec 4, 2016

I’m not too happy with the new SAP Community, so I’ll try to avoid it as much as possible. Luckily we can still track the blogs via RSS via the tags…

1. Find the tag. You can go to, enter a search term like Design Studio or Lumira and click the tag.

rss12. Copy the URL. Some RSS readers require you to add ?feed=rss to the end of the URL.

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OMG they killed SCN

Posted by on Dec 4, 2016

The new SAP Community (formerly SCN – SAP Community Network) must be one of the biggest cluster fucks of 2016. It seems to meet all the conditions of the definition:

clusterfuck ‎(plural clusterfucks)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A chaotic situation where everything seems to go wrong. It is often caused by incompetencecommunication failure, or a complex environment.

After a few weeks and several hopeful attempts I’ve totally given up on this platform. And I’m apparently not the only one. The problem with the previous SCN was that it was hard to find stuff. But, when you finally found the right spaces it kinda worked as you could easily browse the discussion topics you were interested in and see whether questions are already answered.

My Lumira question from 23 November has now 6 (!!!) views and 0 replies. And there are lots of other Lumira topics with even less views. If I look at the Design Studio area I see the same thing. Most of the topics have max 10 views. On the old SCN this was a very popular space and people were almost fighting to provide help. Oh, and the upvoting feature isn’t used at all.


The main problem is that the new SAP Community lacks any clear structure (yes, there are ‘tags’) and the bizarre thing seems to be that this is by design! I get the feeling that it doesn’t want to be like a classic forum for some unclear reason.

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