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Posted by Xavier Hacking

SAP has this Idea Place website set up where users can submit ideas for new features or actually any change to an SAP product. Very few people know this but this site is actually quite useful. Users can vote and comment on each other’s ideas and the top ideas will be taken into consideration by the project team.

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There is also a place for Design Studio ideas. At the moment the submission for new ideas is closed. As you can see in the schedule below they are now in the Development phase of the current cycle, so I assume the ideas that now have the Accepted status will appear in the upcoming 1.3 release.

Design Studio Idea phases and schedule (source):

Submission: June 1st – September 30th

  • Customers can begin submitting ideas
  • Idea Status is ‘Submitted’
  • Can vote on ideas now

Voting: October 1st – October 6th

  • Final idea submissions must be in for consideration in next release.
  • Customers vote on top ideas
  • Idea Status is ‘Submitted’

Review: October 7th – November 4th

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Team reviews top voted ideas for next release
  • Ideas can continue to be submitted, however these will be considered for a later release.
  • Idea Status changed to ‘Under Review’

Development: November 4th

  • Development begins (estimated < 8 months)
  • Selected ideas will receive ‘Accepted’ status, others will be identified as ‘Not Planned by SAP’ or moved back to ‘Submitted’ for consideration in a later release.

Use:  Q2 2014

  • Release deployed with select ideas
  • Ideas in new release status changed to ‘Delivered’

So I checked the list of Accepted ideas and there are  some pretty interesting ones in it:

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