Design Studio updated roadmap January 2014

Posted by Xavier Hacking

SAP put a new and updated version of the Design Studio roadmap online last week. These roadmaps are publicly available via the SAP Road Maps page on the SAP Service Marketplace:

A product road map describes how the feature/function capabilities in an SAP product or technology are planned to progress over time, in general:

  • Today = changes in the current release version, which is Design Studio 1.2.
  • Planned Innovations = changes planned in upcoming development releases (next 12-18 months).
  • Future Direction = proposed themes for a product or technology beyond the planned releases.

Let’s have a look at it.


The long announced Integrated Planning (IP) feature will arrive soon in Design Studio. This will make Design Studio not only an analytical tool but also a tool to create a nice interface for some data input. This is also a feature that never made it to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.

Next, the back-end updates for the HANA and SAP BW platform will get those deployment options up to par with the BI4 Platform. I’m not sure if this also means that HANA and SAP BW will enable mobile Design Studio applications. Don’t think so.

The other planned innovations are nice increments, although I have no idea what they mean with Advanced scripting.


The big change with the previous roadmaps is the planning for three important and much requested features: Context menu, Drag and Drop and Report-to-Report Interface (RRI). These two features made the old BEx Web Application Designer a real analytical web tool.

With the context menu you could change for example the number of decimals shown, switch between keys and texts, set filters, add dimensions and so on. This was quite powerful in combination with drag and drop t0 edit your result set table. In Web Intelligence, Analysis, Lumira and other BI tools we are also used to work like that. With these options Design Studio would get really close to being the ultimate BI tool.

Also the Report-to-Report Interface (RRI) seems to be postponed. With RRI we could jump from a report to other reports, while taking the filter settings of the start report with us to the other report(s). It’s somewhat the BEx variant of OpenDocument.


So yes, I’m a quite disappointed about these features being pushed back on the release calendar. I have some customers that are eagerly waiting for this so they can finally ditch their old BEx Web Application Designer reports. Now we have to find some creative workarounds to get to the desired functionality.

For reference, the old roadmap (SAP TechEd 2013):

dsoldroadmap - Jan 26, 2014 | SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
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