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Posted by Xavier Hacking

This month I’ve been following the #Juice30days guide by Juice Analytics to learn more on data visualization. You really should check their cool website and blog and follow the 30 days program. They are doing a great job setting this up. I put my Fav Five content in this post.

1. A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use

This 3-part white paper  gives us best practices and guidelines on how to create and design better dashboards.

Part 1: Foundation helps you identify your target audience, understand what type of dashboard you want to create and why it is valuable to your organization. It concludes guidance regarding how to focus your message on the information and metrics that matter.

Part 2: Structure helps you start on designing your dashboard, including what form it should take, how to design for audience understanding, and what navigation, interactions, and capabilities will make your dashboard useful and engaging.

Finally, Part 3: Information Design dives into the details of interface and information design. You will learn how to lay out your dashboard and best practices for charting and data presentation.

2.  Who is Edward Tufte?

I knew about this guy, but hadn’t read a lot of his work yet. So this story resulted in a very large and expensive Amazon.com visit…

3.  5 Phases of Data Analytics Maturation: Part 1 & 2

I found this article very fun to read since I could plot the stages exactly to the environments at the clients I work(ed) for, especially the Tribal Elders phase, which is – sadly enough – still reality.

In this article the 5 different stages of maturity that information workers go through as they try to become more effective and efficient at consuming and acting on information are explored.

Phase 1: Tribal Elders

Phase 2: Static Reports

Phase 3: Bigger Static Reports

Phase 4: Ad-hoc reports

Phase 5: Experienced Guide

4. Before trying to communicate information, first understand it.

When thinking about information, don’t confuse the medium with the message. Watch it:

5.  30 Resources to Find the Data you Need

Need some data for your latest demo dashboard or report? This list has some nice sources to get you started.

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  1. Luis Navarro
    December 26, 2011

    Nice write up. Edward Tufte is one of the best. I have his entire book collection, though I wish his books went further into detail, they always bring insight in a timeless fashion. You will enjoy having them. Did you know that his sparklines made it into Excel 2010? Pretty cool. Luis

  2. Josh Tapley
    January 13, 2012

    I went to the Tufte seminar in Boston a few years back right before I started using Xcelsius. I know that really changed my perspective and was my driving force behind finding a way to manipulate Xcelsius themes to get something that was more in line with Tufte priciples.

    Juice Analytics is great because they do real world work using many of the Tufte and Stephen Few principles. I’m excited to know that other Xcelsius gurus are following these concepts!

    – Josh


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