Make your Playstation 3 region free HTG

Make your Playstation 3 region free HTG

Posted by Xavier Hacking

For the past weeks my girlfriend and I have been on holiday in the USA and Canada which was – of course – ¬†awesome. With the cheap dollar/euro conversion and enough luggage space left we decided to do some serious media shopping: DVD’s, Blu-rays (Lost 6 is superb!) and some PS3 games (Playstation Move is fun!). Back home we started using these with our Playstation 3 console. Blu-rays and games worked fine, but the DVD’s refused to play due to a wrong region code. Damn, I totally forgot about this and I just threw away my old region free DVD player a few days earlier. Nice. Blu-rays and PS3-games are by the way always region free.

A quick Google search learned me that I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Sadly, the region code for the PS3 can not be changed. Bummer. The only workaround given was to make a copy of every DVD to a blank DVD and use the copy. Since I didn’t feel much for that (too much work) I found a better way to view your wrong-region DVD’s.

Go to this site and download the PS3 Media Server. This nice piece of software enables you to stream all kinds of media from your Mac/Windows/Linux computer to your PS3. Not only the usual AVI, MPEG or MP4 files, but it also works with DVD’s! Just insert the DVD into your Mac or PC and browse to the files in the VIDEO_TS folder with your PS3. Easy and it works! Okay, you don’t get a DVD menu but who cares, you can finally watch the content.

If your PS3 is connected to your network by Wifi you should lower the video quality settings because PS3’s Wifi is too slow (max 54 MBit/s) to receive all data in real-time, which will make the video playback stuttering. In the ‘Transcoding Settings’-tab I set the maximum bandwidth to 14 and chose keyint=25:vqmax=7:vqmin=2 /* Medium quality for HD Wifi Transcoding as the video quality setting. This setup seems to work fine. - Oct 9, 2010 | Lifehacking
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  1. Romano Pfefferkorn
    January 30, 2012

    Maybe, you were just lucky with the blu-rays you’ve purchased, but blu-rays are not generally region-free. Most of them are locked.

    • Xavier Hacking
      July 31, 2012

      True. Changed it in the post.

    • Andy
      November 29, 2017

      Blu Rays are not generally region free, but the regions are larger than DVD regions.

  2. Matt
    May 5, 2013

    Can I change the region codes on add ons or a saved game?

  3. Michael
    November 17, 2013

    Hi, So i just downloaded ps3 media server. How do i use it. I would like to watch movies but don’t know the region codes hence the reason i downloaded ps3 media server but don’t know how to use it and make the dvd video watchable on my ps3. Can anyone help?


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