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It’s a great era for those of us who like to learn about SAP BI topics by themselves, at your own pace and at a moment that is the most suitable. We have the openSAP online courses on HANA and BI4, there is Twitter, the blogs, podcasts and of course the good old books. Lots of SAP BI books I must say. In this post I made an overview of the books that just have been released and the ones that are coming in the near future.

3293-ImplementingHANA__47519_std-1Implementing SAP HANA, by Don Loden, Jonathan Haun, Chris Hickman, and Roy Wells, ISBN 978-1-59229-856-3, 838 pages.

Currently the #1 selling book at SAP Press about the more than epic HANA platform; the #1 topic at SAP TechEd this year. This book offers the practical details about implementing SAP HANA, plus the integration of SAP Data Services and the SAP BusinessObjects BI tools with SAP HANA.

3278-100-about-NWBW-lg__25739_std100 Things You Should Know about SAP NetWeaver BW, by Andrew Joo and Buntic Georgian, ISBN 978-1-59229-447-3, 369 pages.

100 tips and tricks to make your work as a SAP BI consultant more efficient. Real-world examples/problems, short chapters, practical step-by-step instructions and a lot of screenshots. Cookbook style, so I like!

3307-bobj-design-studio-lg__13516_stdGetting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, by Xavier Hacking and Jeroen van der A, ISBN 978-1-59229-895-2, 504 pages.

Yeah of course the book I worked on myself needs to be in this list. A brand new book on this brand new tool, covering everything you need to know to get started with Design Studio! More info and a nice discount coupon code here.

h3311__38753_stdUniverse Design with SAP BusinessObjects BI: The Comprehensive Guide, by Christian Ah-Soon, Pierpaolo Vezzosi, and Didier Mazoué, ISBN 978-1-59229-901-0, ±650 pages, expected release December 2013.

I think this book will be the first in-depth guide to the Information Design Tool, which can be used to create those BI4 UNX universes.

3317-PredictiveAnalysis-lg__67529_stdPredictive Analysis with SAP: The Comprehensive Guide, by John MacGregor, ISBN 978-1-59229-915-7, ±500 pages, expected release December 2013.

I joined the hands-on session at TechEd to play around with Predictive Analysis for the first time. I expect this book to bring me a bit further than the basics and do some real analysis and modeling.

3314-IntegratingBOBI-lg__11702_stdIntegrating SAP BusinessObjects BI with SAP NetWeaver (3rd Edition), by Info Hilgefort, ISBN 978-1-59229-923-2, ±550 pages, expected release December 2013.

I love the first two editions of this book. They were really helpful in setting up the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform on top of SAP BW. This version will be up to date for BI4.1.


SAP NetWeaver BW: Administration and Performance Optimization, by Jesper Christensen and Joe Darlak, ISBN 978-1-59229-853-2, ±750 pages, expected release June 2014.

BW is not dead (yet), so this one is for the back-end guys to keep BW running smoothly. I expect this book to cover a lot of the contents of the 2010 release SAP NetWeaver BW: Administration and Monitoring, but we’ll see.

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