SAP BI TechEd 2014 recap video

Posted by Xavier Hacking

Why waste your precious time and thousands of euros on going to the SAP TechEd event if you can get just watch a video covering all the key subjects for SAP BI?

Sven and Ronald did a quick 45 minutes SAP BI TechEd 2014 recap in Google Hangout last week. No marketing slides and no old or basic stuff we normally have to sit through each SAP presentation. Fast and very to the point. Good stuff guys!

So this is must see TV if you care about what’s happening in the the world of SAP BI and if you didn’t visit TechEd or SitNL yourself this year. Check it out in the video below or use the podcast stream for on the road listening/watching. Slides are here.

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention: The video is all Dutch… (maybe somebody can write the subtitles?) - Dec 17, 2014 | Knowledge sharing, SAP
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  1. chandrasekhar
    January 1, 2015

    Hi, if someone can share/post the presentation which has been shown in the video will be useful for English audience.
    – Chandrasekhar.


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