SAP Press finally goes e-reader!

Posted by Xavier Hacking

As of this month SAP Press offers its books not only in paper and from its online library, but also in downloadable formats PDF, ePUB and Mobi.

I’ve read (and reviewed) a lot of the SAP Press books on SAP BI and most of them are really really good and worth the money because they save me a lot of time. I always make sure I also get the online version of the book too, so I have all the information accessible all the time to look up things when I’m on the job.

The online library feature is nice, but you always need an active internet connection and you can’t scroll through the books as fast as in a PDF-file on your local machine. So I’m glad they finally offer this most-wanted feature.

We are pleased to announce that more than 25 of our newest releases and most popular titles are available right now in multiple download formats. Going forward, ALL newly published titles will have e-book download formats available (in addition to print and online formats) upon publication.

SAP Press now offers the following digital formats:

icon.ebooks.pdf.pngPDF to run on Macs/PCs, desktops/laptops, iPhones/iPads and a multitude of other devices.
icon.ebooks.epub.pngePUB for tablets, mobile devices or eReader. files can be read on any Kindle device. already available Online Library to be used within an Internet browser like Chrome or Safari.

These files are DRM free so you can use them really on any device. The only limitation is that you can only download each format 5 times and the file will have a digital watermark.

They eventually will also provide e-book version of older titles. If you haven’t ‘upgraded’ your print book to an online/e-book version you should hurry; next month they will kill this $10/20-upgrade option. I have no idea why.

Please note, codes printed inside books and free trials that have not been activated or upgraded will ALL expire after December 7, 2012. You must activate and/or upgrade by this date. Any unused codes or expired trials can no longer be utilized under any circumstances after December 7, 2012.

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