SAP: “BEx Analyzer sucks”

SAP: “BEx Analyzer sucks”
Posted by on Nov 17, 2010

When I first got into SAP BI a few years ago I followed this course on SAP BW 3.5 which took like 10 days or maybe even more. I do remember the first time I saw and used BEx Analyzer, the MS Excel plugin to view and analyze data from SAP BW. I was just shocked to see such a terrible user interface design and a tool that was not intuitive to use at all! And people were supposed to use this app for their daily work? OMG.

SAP now released a video that basically says that BEx Analyzer sucks. Too complex, too much end-user training needed, to much complaints, too expensive and so on. The solution? SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for Microsoft Office.

Have fun watching it.

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