SAP GUI sessions 101 (updated)

SAP GUI sessions 101 (updated)
Posted by on Nov 28, 2010

The SAP GUI is the first application I start in the morning and the last one I close at the end of the day. Most of the time I use multiple sessions on multiple systems. Last week @pverstraeten saw me closing all these sessions one-by-one and showed me how to do this the right/fast way: Just type /nex in the transaction field. Thanks!

Update (11-2010): I added two fast shortcuts. TFTT @ron_nooren and @jurjen_heeck!

I listed the ‘session commands’ below:

/o Display list of all sessions

/o + transaction Open transaction in new session (/orsa1)

/n End transaction and go back to SAP Easy Access user menu

/n + transaction Open transaction in same session (/nrsa1)

/i Close current session

/i + number of transaction Close specific sessions (/i3)

/nend Close all sessions with prompt

/nex Close all sessions without a prompt

CTRL + (plus key) Open new session

CTRL / (forward slash) Put cursor in command field

SAP GUI Command Field / Magic Box

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