New books on SAP BusinessObjects

Posted by on Nov 24, 2009

SAP Press shows us that two new books on SAP BusinessObjects are to be released early 2010, covering the positioning of the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio in the SAP landscape and describing the SAP BusinessObjects toolset.

Sure, nice subjects, but I wonder if these books will give us some really new views and insights and I hope they are not just are a collection of information that is already available online or in other books (see my overview on recommended books and links). But we will see next year.

Discover SAP BusinessObjects (Thierry Audas)


“This much anticipated book answers the many questions you may have as a decision maker or current SAP and BusinessObjects customer who needs to understand SAP’s BI strategy. In clarifying the business value of the new SAP BusinessObjects solutions it also explains how to hit the ground running. Significant focus is put on describing and positioning all of the key solutions in the new SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, and the author clearly explains how they fit together and into existing SAP customer landscapes. Real-world examples are used throughout to describe the capabilities and their value propositions, along with numerous screen shots, examples, tips, and case studies. This is the one book that will give you full clarity into SAP BusinessObjects.”

Reporting and Analytics with SAP BusinessObjects (Ingo Hilgefort)


“This book provides comprehensive coverage of the major business intelligence tools in the SAP/BO toolset with a practical focus on the user experience and integration with SAP. Coverage includes detailed application features and functionality, as well as practical, how-to content geared toward end users hoping to maximize the benefits of their BI investment by creating actionable, easy to read reports, analysis and other business process metrics. The author uses robust, real world case studies to place into context and present the content in an easy to read, step-by-step manner.”

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