De Nederlandse BI Podcast – Episode 7 XMAS edition

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013

Ho ho ho, a special X-MAS edition of De Nederlandse BI Podcast today in which we look back at the 2013 BI tops and flops and look forward to 2014. Yes we are soooo original. Anyway, topics are SAP River, SAPUI5, OpenUI5, Webi 4.1, Lumira, KXEN, SAP InfiniteInsight, SAP Predictive Analysis and of course the usual Design Studio and HANA stuff!! Enjoy!

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Errors after promoting BI4 reports with BEx query data sources

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013

Transporting (or promoting) objects in the SAP BusinessObjects BI4 environment is still a bit weird for those (like me) originally coming from the SAP BW world. The Lifecycle Manager (LCM) webapp somehow doesn’t feel as robust as the Transport Management System in SAP, but in the end it does the same thing of course.

This week a colleague ran into some errors after promoting his new Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports from our BI4 development environment to the production environment. His reports were created on SAP BW BEx query data sources.

Update: We finally figured out how to work with Override Settings for OLAP Connections to solve this issue. Check the blog post here.

First let’s have a look at the Web Intelligence report. After the promotion he was able to open the Web Intelligence report, but when refreshing the data the following errors appeared:

Errors when trying to refresh the current report.

The universe generation using the resource id has failed. (WIS 00000)



The solution to this issue is quite easy but you just have to know this somehow I guess: You have to manually reconnect each SAP BW BEx query with the Web Intelligence report.

Yes, this just feels odd. We are used to the Transport Management System to take care of these things. Also I think it’s a bit strange to standard having to edit reports in a production environment, just to make them work. On the other hand, if you only have one BI4 environment on top of multiple SAP BW environments, it might be useful to have the ability to change the data sources of a report to connect to a different system.

Anyway, to fix this just follow the next easy steps:

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