Twitter, Flash & HTML5

Twitter, Flash & HTML5

Posted by Xavier Hacking

Twitter is great. It keeps me up-to-date on what is happening in the world and nowadays I get my information directly from the source! The added value of  those traditional, old-school newspaper/TV  journalists is decreasing day by day. This is a good thing. I see most journalists as nothing more than a filter, tweaking their opinions into the real facts. With Twitter the people that I see as important or interesting are the modern journalists. They are my personal groups of journalists. And if they don’t deliver quality, I just unfollow them.

Tonight I read two nice tweets. First I learned that someone wrote an app/hack to use flash on the iPhone/iPad (iOS). If this thing really works this would be great news for dashboard development with Xcelsius SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Personal Edition. Finally the development of dashboards for the iPhone and iPad could begin. Let’s hope so. Here is the article with the video ‘proof’.

Next I read a tweet about the differences between Adobe Flash and HTML5. Apple favours HTML5 and gives a nice showcase on its website (Safari 5 required). But what exactly is HTML5 and how can Flash and HTML5 be compared? Focus published this cool A4-sized overview.

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  1. Dudeman
    July 5, 2010

    Just a comment on that A4, which claims that Flash tools are very expensive… actually, Flash development doesn’t [have] to cost a thing. Nearly all of Flash’s capabilities are exposed in the open-source Adobe Flex SDK, and there are nice open-source IDEs like FlashDevelop that make Flash development a dream. Not to mention that ActionScript is an arguably much nicer language than JavaScript…


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