Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.4 available

Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.4 available

Posted by Xavier Hacking

Just 2 months after the release of Fix Pack 3.3, today SAP gives us Fix Pack 3.4 for Xcelsius 2008 SP 3. You can grab the download from this page. This Fix Pack can be applied to Xcelsius 2008 SP3 or FP3.1, FP3.2 or FP3.3. Not sure which version you are running now? Have a look at this post.

Get the Release Notes here (PDF) and all Fixed Issues are listed in this document (PDF). I also listed them below:

  1. The Xcelsius Scorecard component shows inconsistent behavior.
    This issue is resolved. The font-style value is retained when you rebind the data. Format information is not retained and will be retrieved directly from Excel for each binding. Column width is not updated when you rebind data.
  2. A negative value set in a secondary axis will be missed when a combination chart is generated.
    This issue is resolved.
  3. When a child dashboard is loading and you switch between tabs, the child dashboard fails to load.
    This issue is resolved, but if you put the SWFLoader in a container and fast switch the container, dynamic visibility will still have problems.
  4. A color set in “Selected Text” (under the label property in the Scorecard component) is not updated in the component after you use a custom color scheme.
    This issue is resolved.
  5. The size of a spreadsheet component becomes unstable when you ignore a blank cell.
    This issue is resolved.
  6. A blank error appears in Xcelsius when you add components.
    This issue is resolved.
  7. An Xcelsius 4.5 dashboard cannot be opened in Xcelsius 2008.
    This issue is resolved.
  8. When you are using a custom canvas size, tooltips for charts display incorrectly.
    This issue is resolved.
  9. If a BICS query input has the numeric value 0, the value is not passed with the request.
    This issue is resolved.
  10. Xcelsius cannot send null values to BEx via Live Office.
    This issue is resolved. Specify the new flash var “LOIgnoreEmptyPromptValues=True” to ignore empty prompt values. There are two limitations:
    a. You must specify CSV as the flash var format (instead of XML format) when you set “LOIgnoreEmptyPromptValues”.
    b. When you set all prompt values as empty (null), the system returns incorrect query results. (The problem is limited to when you set flash var “LOIgnoreEmptyPromptValues=true”.)

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  1. Ronald
    December 16, 2010

    9. If a BICS query input has the numeric value 0, the value is not passed
    with the request.

    They should mention that also the opposite case applies: if it has a blank, it turns it into zero.

    You might want to check the impact in your dashboards.


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