2014: The return of the podcast

Posted by Xavier Hacking

2014 must have been the year of the return of the podcast. I’m listening to way more podcasts now than a year ago, and I haven’t seen such an online buzz on podcasting for ages. Maybe it has something to do with the production quality that has risen over the years to an extremely high level. Even the most basic podcast, just a few guys talking to each other over Skype, is a good listen nowadays.

Also a number of shows have come up in the past months that demonstrate a very high production value. Not just some plain talking, but heavily mixed and edited stories to make it a perfect listen. Some of them even got wide spread attention in the MSM. Serial, StartUp, This American Life and Reply-all are examples of these.

I created a lot more time to listen to podcasts lately. While driving I rarely listen to the radio anymore and I now put on a podcast or an audiobook when running long distances, playing PS4 games (Destiny FTW!) and cooking.

So let’s have a look at my favorite podcasts of the past year, which I listen to on a very regular base (almost every show):

Appels en Peren – My favorite tech show. These guys discuss everything and nothing. Sci-fi books and movies, gadgets, Apple, Android, singularity, and so on. [Dutch]

Solomonster Sounds Off – The podcast I have been listening to during every Monday morning commute for a few years now. The Solomonster reviews the past week in pro-wrestling in this monologue podcast and previews upcoming events. I like his very consistent and logical way of making an argument combined with his historic knowledge on this great ‘sport’.

Kees de Kort BNR – Daily economics update by the most pessimistic (or realistic?) analyst of Holland. With a duration of 5 minutes this is also my shortest podcast. [Dutch]

OMT Café – Monthly or so Apple fanboy podcast by the OneMoreThing.nl guys. [Dutch]

Boars, Gore, and Swords – This is a Game of Thrones recap show, created by a group of comedians. The day after a new episode of GoT they go through it scene by scene, explain, speculate and joke. Can’t wait for the next season to start!

StartUp Podcast – Podcast about a guy who starts his own podcasting company. He shares everything. Very high production quality!

Reply All – This is a fun show about the internet. They look up the very first webcam girl, the creator of the pop-up ad, talk about an app for doctors to share and comment on the most extreme things they see at work, and so on. Great!

This American Life – Every week a bunch of new stories. High production quality!

Gamebites – Weekly discussion about the latest games on all platforms. [Dutch]

No Agenda – “The best podcast in the Universe”. Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak deconstructing the news and media twice a week. In The Morning!

As you can see I didn’t include Serial, although I listened the whole season. I really like the concept and how they produced it, but this story didn’t really ‘catch’ me. No problem, there will be hundreds of lookalikes next year to choose from.

Furthermore I like to randomly listen to the following podcasts. I don’t auto-download the episodes, but rather check the description to see if it features something I want to hear:

You Are Not So Smart, Stuff You Should Know, No Such Thing As A Fish, The Tim Ferris Show, Destiny The Show, Talk Is Jericho, The Art of Wrestling, The Steve Austin Show, Kritisch Denken.

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