BI2017 Amsterdam recap

Posted by Xavier Hacking

Last week was the SAPinsider BI2017 event in Amsterdam, which we visited with a team from Interdobs. I’ve seen some very cool demos on especially SAP Analytics Cloud, some Design Studio 1.x and Lumira 1.x customer use cases, Roambi and BI Platform administration tooling. Unfortunately the state of SAP Analytics Hub was exactly as what I already figured out from the slides a few weeks ago, but at least I was able to see a live demo and talk a bit to the developers.


The first two days didn’t bring that much new information for me, luckily Friday was stacked with sessions showing a lot (live) demos so that made up a lot. Less slides = more value.

Overall I think the event was very mediocre, not much new stuff, only a few deep-dive hardcore tech sessions (BI Platform Support Tool FTW!), only one hands-on tool session (Lumira Discovery), too many breaks, terrible food (except for the fruit) and Pepsi Coke.

We made some videos to recap day 1 and 2, and on the third day we recorded De Nederlandse BI Podcast episode 27. - Jun 17, 2017 | Featured
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