SAP BI TechEd 2014 recap video

Posted by on Dec 17, 2014

Why waste your precious time and thousands of euros on going to the SAP TechEd event if you can get just watch a video covering all the key subjects for SAP BI?

Sven and Ronald did a quick 45 minutes SAP BI TechEd 2014 recap in Google Hangout last week. No marketing slides and no old or basic stuff we normally have to sit through each SAP presentation. Fast and very to the point. Good stuff guys!

So this is must see TV if you care about what’s happening in the the world of SAP BI and if you didn’t visit TechEd or SitNL yourself this year. Check it out in the video below or use the podcast stream for on the road listening/watching. Slides are here.

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention: The video is all Dutch… (maybe somebody can write the subtitles?)

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SAP BI4: Override OLAP Connections in Promotion Management

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014

The Promotion Management corner in the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform CMC is still a bit of a strange place for us coming from the SAP BW world. I really like the fact that you can use a single promotion job to promote a report again and again after each change. In SAP BW that would require a new transport every time. But, something as the Overrides Settings is still a difficult to get through and set up. The official admin guide for the BI4 platform mentions it briefly, but does not explain it good enough.

Until we had this configured we had to manually reconnect each SAP BW BEx Query in a promoted Webi report. I wrote about this annoying situation before.

With an override setting on an OLAP Connection to a SAP BW system, we can make the connection change (or better: override) its settings when promoted, so it connects to the right source system. Say we have two SAP BusinessObjects Platforms (BOTest and BOProd) and two SAP BW systems (BWTest and BWProd). We want the OLAP Connection on the BOTest environment to connect with the BWTest system. The connection on the BOProd environment should connect to the BWProd system. So if we promote a Webi document that uses this OLAP Connection from BOTest to BOProd, the Webi should load data from BWProd after refreshing it on the BOProd environment.

Now, how can we set up this override thing?

1. Log in to the CMC of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform that acts as the ‘source’ (where you want to promote from).

2. Make sure you have an OLAP Connection set up on your SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform. You can create this in OLAP Connections.

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Cutting the cable: One year later

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014

In the summer of 2013 we made the decision to cancel our expensive cable subscription. We had it all: Around 100 channels from Holland, Germany, Belgium, UK and even some Spanish and Italian channels that nobody watches. Ten Discovery-like channels, several music channels, a bunch of 24/7 news channels and all the regular stuff. Of course I had the HD upgrade to watch everything in high quality. In addition we had the recorder feature upgrade, so we could pauze the broadcast and easily record shows.

Oh and I almost forgot the premium channels to watch my sports: Sport1 and FoxSports, so I could watch all mayor football matches in Holland and Europe live and finish the weekend on Sunday evening with the live broadcast of the final round of the PGA Tour Golf tournament of that week.

The Problem

Yes it was great. And a giant wast of time. And money. And focus.

So what did we actually watch? As many others we enjoy good television series. But, commercials are awful and most series are broadcasted way behind their USA release schedule. So we’d rather get the Blu-ray box and watch them that way. About the news: You can get way better news updates and opinions through the web, so that was already over for a long time. For music and radio we have Vevo, Spotify and YouTube. And for sports, all the games are viewable via the channel’s websites and apps. Only problem with that is that the quality is not really the best you can get.

The biggest problem was that we were watching things we didn’t need to watch. The TV was always on and sometimes we even kept switching channels until we found something viewable.

The alternatives

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insiderPROFILES Magazine feature Design Studio Q&A

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014

sapinsiderprofile_cover SAPinsider featured our SAP Design Studio Q&A chat we did earlier this summer in its latest edition of the InsiderProfiles paper (!) magazine. In the article a selection of questions and answers from the Q&A chat is given.

Check the article below. If you’re looking for the whole Q&A transcript, follow this link.

You can find more information on SAPinsider insiderPROFILES Magazine here.

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New SAPexperts article: How to Use CSS in Design Studio

Posted by on May 1, 2014

I wrote another article for the SAPexperts online knowledge base. In line with some of my recent posts here on my blog this one is all about CSS, but now more from a basic, 101 course standpoint.

In this article I give a basic introduction to the language of CSS and explain how it can be used in combination with Design Studio, either on a local installation or with a connection to an SAP BusinessObjects BI4 platform or an SAP NetWeaver BW environment. I also discuss how you can change the default CSS styles of the standard Design Studio components.

If you have an subscription to the SAPexperts BI hub you can check the article here.


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