Mountain Lion Audio-only Airplay to Apple TV

Posted by Xavier Hacking

One of the great new features of Mountain Lion (Mac OSX 10.8) is Airplay mirroring.With this option you can stream your Mac screen to your Apple TV. Unfortunately this only works on recent Macs (since 2011) so I have to lend my girlfriends MacBook Air to use it. My ancient iMac (’09) and MacBook Pro (’10) are too slow. Ouch.

A feature that does work on all Macs is Audio-only Airplay, which is way more useful since I listen a lot more to music (Spotify FTW!) than that I watch video or need to mirror things.

So if you check System Preferences in the Apple menu and go to the Sound option, in the Output tab you can now select your Apple TV!

But I found a faster way to switch between audio on your Mac and Apple TV. Hold the Option (ALT) key and select the Volume option in the menu bar. Here you can quickly select Apple TV or Internal Speakers. - Aug 1, 2012 | Lifehacking
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