Steve Jobs movie – finally watched it

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014

After missing the Steve Jobs movie last summer in the theater run I finally watched it yesterday at home on BR with fellow Apple fan/evangelist @reddrummaster. In the past 15 years I read everything on Apple, Woz and Jobs so I already know all the great stories, but I still like to go through them one more time on screen. This expectation was clearly wrong and therefor the movie kinda sucked.

The story that they tell is extremely incomplete from begin to end. Not mentioning the stories of the blue box, the Xerox Parc visit and the naming of the Lisa is pretty meh, but skipping all his years at Pixar and NeXT?!? Ugh. And the movie finishes with the Steve Jobs return at Apple in 1997. The End.

So, I clearly prefer the 25 hour (!!) audio book of the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson over this Ashton Kutcher movie. The ’99 Pirates of Silicon Valley movie is also a very good pick, but of course this one also only shows you part of the story.

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Mountain Lion Audio-only Airplay to Apple TV

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012

One of the great new features of Mountain Lion (Mac OSX 10.8) is Airplay mirroring.With this option you can stream your Mac screen to your Apple TV. Unfortunately this only works on recent Macs (since 2011) so I have to lend my girlfriends MacBook Air to use it. My ancient iMac (’09) and MacBook Pro (’10) are too slow. Ouch.

A feature that does work on all Macs is Audio-only Airplay, which is way more useful since I listen a lot more to music (Spotify FTW!) than that I watch video or need to mirror things.

So if you check System Preferences in the Apple menu and go to the Sound option, in the Output tab you can now select your Apple TV!

But I found a faster way to switch between audio on your Mac and Apple TV. Hold the Option (ALT) key and select the Volume option in the menu bar. Here you can quickly select Apple TV or Internal Speakers.


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5 reasons I like Spotify

5 reasons I like Spotify
Posted by on Sep 5, 2010

I recently discovered this online music service called Spotify and after a try-out of a few weeks I just have to let you know how great this concept is. Spotify is a cloud based music service, which means that you don’t have to download a song before you can listen to it anymore. It just streams the music on demand. Spotify is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands (sorry USA and Canada). Try it!

1. Big music catalogue

Spotify contains over 8 millions musc tracks including artists from the big labels like Universal, EMI, Sony etc. Of course the traditional ‘difficult’ bands don’t show up (Metallica). The Spotify software has an option to import music files, so you can still listen to these non-available bands with Spotify if you get their music from other sources. Also, I found a lot of local bands (JacquelineAcda & de MunnikLars Winnerbäck).

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iPad is here! Finally…

iPad is here! Finally…
Posted by on Jul 24, 2010

Yesterday the iPad officially arrived in Holland, finally. With the iPhone 1 introduction a few years ago I bought one (overpriced) at eBay, got into some issues with the seller and had to pay a lot of additional tax at the Dutch border. So I decided to wait for the European release this time.

While waiting in line with over 50 others I thought about how things have changed. 15 years ago I was the only Mac-user at my school and Apple made some pretty boring products. Now in 2010 almost everyone I know owns at least one Apple product. Great!

Below are some pictures of the launch and some screenshots of the iPad in action while reading a SAP Press book and using the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPad.

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I want iSlate [updated]

I want iSlate [updated]
Posted by on Jan 9, 2010

As you may have read Apple is expected to make a major product announcement by the end of this month. Will the iTablet/iSlate/iGuide finally come? Many rumor/news sites think so and I sure hope it is true. Gizmodo made a nice overview on the Apple tablet rumors so you don’t have to read all those rumor sites yourself. For me this feels like the months before the iPhone release in 2007 all over again.

The #1 reason for me to buy such a device – besides the fact that I obviously like new Apple stuff – would be that I am ditching paper in 2010. At the end of 2009 I purchased and read lots of paper books which made me think. Why am I still driving to my local bookstore to get my books, and why am I still waiting days/weeks for my Amazon/ orders to be delivered when I know that most books are available in digital format. Every week I receive several paper magazines and until last week I even got a daily newspaper on my doormat! Also, at work my desk is always filled with prints of documents because I don’t like to read long texts from a computer screen and I want to write some small notes on them.

So I started looking for a digital paper/e-reader like device that would allow me to really go digital. Fast conclusion was that they all kinda suck. Yes even the Amazon Kindle DX. I don’t want to use an USB cable to sync it to my Mac. I want a real browser. I want a multitouch screen. I want a color screen. I want to edit docs. I want to use spreadsheets. I want to watch videos. I want to install small Apps.

So actually I just want a big iPhone with a screen that is easy on the eyes. When can I get it, Apple?

Update: 24 hours after writing this blog I got the Plastic Logic News Alert in my mailbox. I think over a year ago I read something on the web about a cool e-ink/e-paper prototype, which was of a much higher quality than the available e-readers. It must have grabbed my attention because I signed up for the newsletter, which learns me that they finally unveiled the specs, prizing and release date for their QUE product. After a quick look at the website I think this comes pretty close to what I am looking for. Its business oriented, supports MS Excel, has a multitouch screen, enables commenting, is Mac compatible and it sure looks great. Major remarks are the high price ($649 – $799) and the no-color screen. QUE will be available in April 2010. The video below gives an impression of the device.

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