SAP StreamWork (12Sprints) videos

SAP StreamWork (12Sprints) videos
Posted by on Apr 17, 2010

SAP recently published a bunch of videos (promo’s, introductions, tutorials) on its collaboration platform SAP StreamWork, formerly known as 12Sprints. You can find them in the SAP Streamwork YouTube channel.

Below I put the cool promo video and a proof-of-concept video of SAP Streamwork integration with a SAP BPM purchase order process.

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12Sprints POC videos

12Sprints POC videos
Posted by on Feb 14, 2010

12Sprints is the development/beta setup for SAP’s new collaborative decision-making environment named Constellation. On Youtube you can now find a lot of videos which show the functionality that already exists in the current version. As 12Sprints is pretty intuitive in its use I would skip most of these 101 videos and instead watch the videos that show some nice proof of concepts of the integration of 12Sprints with other SAP system/environments. I put some of these videos in this post.

If you haven’t tried the 12Sprints beta you can signup here. The SAP 12Sprints YouTube-channel can be found here.

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SAP Constellation/12Sprints and Kona

SAP Constellation/12Sprints and Kona
Posted by on Dec 3, 2009

Wow, seems like SAP is going to launch some very cool stuff in 2010: Constellation/12Sprints and Koda (all codenames). What can we tell about these two tools? Well, not very much yet. There are some articles on the internet and a short demonstration video which gives us some clues. You can watch the video below.

Constellation seems to be some sort of collaborative workspace, that allows its users to share data, discuss it and make decisions together. To me this idea looks a bit like Google Wave, but now tailored to the decision making processes within enterprises.

This is what SAP says about Constellation:

Imagine a virtual war room
It’s not just a place where things get discussed. It’s where things get done. 
Invite the right people. Bring in the pertinent data. And choose the most informed course of action with the help of pre-defined, interactive decision-making tools. It’s all built in. Everything you need to get everyone on the same page — finally under one roof.

At you can sign-up to get access to the beta.

Kona is a web-based business intelligence platform/tool, which gives you access to dashboards and reports with drill-down functionality. Also the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer will be a part of Kona. Data and graphs from Kona can be exported to Constellation.

This leaves me with a some questions:
– Why introduce two separate platforms and not one integrated platform?
– How open will these platforms be? Can we make our own Robots/Gadgets?
– What about Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius and Pioneer? Will they also be integrated in Kona?
– And hey, what about the BusinessObjects InfoView portal environment? Will it be ditched?


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