5 reasons I like Spotify

5 reasons I like Spotify

Posted by Xavier Hacking

I recently discovered this online music service called Spotify and after a try-out of a few weeks I just have to let you know how great this concept is. Spotify is a cloud based music service, which means that you don’t have to download a song before you can listen to it anymore. It just streams the music on demand. Spotify is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands (sorry USA and Canada). Try it!

1. Big music catalogue

Spotify contains over 8 millions musc tracks including artists from the big labels like Universal, EMI, Sony etc. Of course the traditional ‘difficult’ bands don’t show up (Metallica). The Spotify software has an option to import music files, so you can still listen to these non-available bands with Spotify if you get their music from other sources. Also, I found a lot of local bands (JacquelineAcda & de MunnikLars Winnerbäck).

2. It is cheap

Spotify comes in 3 versions: Open, Unlimited and Premium.

Open gives you 20 hours of free music, mixed with some commercials between the songs. You only have to sign up to get this!

Unlimited costs €5 per month and gives you unlimited music without the advertising.

Premium is €10 per month and enables Spotify for your mobile, enhanced sound quality (320 kpbs) and provides the option to listen to songs offline on your computer and/or phone.

At the Apple iTunes Music Store you pay at least €1 for a song and €10 for a (recent) album, so Spotify is way cheaper if you listen to new music a lot!

3. Sharing playlists

In Spotify you can share your playlists with the world and listen to playlists others have created. At ShareMyPlaylists.com many of these playlists are gathered. For example I now follow some playlists with the top songs of this week, created by radiostation KinkFM. Also, the Spotify application already has standard playlists with the most popular tracks and albums worldwide or for your own country.

If your friends also have Spotify you can send them tracks and collaborated on creating shared playlists. With the Facebook and Twitter integration you can let your friends know what new music you like them to hear.

4. Your personal radio station

With Spotify Unlimited and Premium you can make your own radio station. Just select the era and the genre and hit the play button. Spotify will now search songs from its enormous database and play them for you.

This radio station option would be even better if it had some Apple iTunes Genius-like intelligence, meaning it would look at the tracks you played in the past instead of just selecting an era and genre. Please add this in the next release! 😉

5. The iPhone app

In The Netherlands we have 3G availability almost everywhere. With the Spotify iPhone app I now have all those millions tracks in my pocket wherever I go. I don’t have to wait until syncing with iTunes is done before I can leave the house and I am not limited to 16 GB anymore. If you still want to play your local music files it has an option to integrate your iPod tracks within the Spotify app. A great feature is that the app can run in the background so you can listen to the music while checking your mail or playing a game.

Some minor remarks: The app crashes once in a while, doesn’t have the radio functionality and the buffering is a bit slow sometimes when forwarding to the next song.

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