Dilbert on Pie Charts

Posted by on Feb 1, 2014

Just some Dilbert comics featuring pie charts. OOOH!





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#MyFirstMac & MacGaming in the ’80’s!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014

The Macintosh turned 30 last week and in celebration of this event people were sharing their first Mac stories on Twitter (#MyFirstMac). My parents bought our first Mac somewhere in 1988 I guess. It was a very happy Macintosh SE and I actually still have him sitting on my desk!


The main purpose of the Mac (and the StyleWriter II printer) was for my mom to do the bookkeeping for our local store. But, I mostly remember the fun we had playing with applications as MacPaint, MacDraw, MacWriteHypercard and of course the games. There was a Mac community club in the Benelux called Mactivity, and they’d mail a bunch of disks every two months with new utilities, fonts, sounds, icons, programs, games and so. For years this was the only way we got new stuff to run on the Mac!

Going down the memory lane, I went on YouTube and Wikipedia today to check some of the epic games we played for hours and hours on that small black and white screen. Below I posted a selection of them.


MacGolf Classic


ShufflePuck Café

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The SAP Big Data Bus is coming to your town!

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013

It’s now over 48 hours ago that we had the #AllAccessAnalytics webinar, and I’m still heavily fascinated by this Big Data Bus thing that was announced during the webinar. There are 60.000 SAP BI customers world-wide, and SAP is driving a bus (!!!) from town to town to showcase its lightning fast products. Oh man…

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012

Santa runs SAP

Happy Holidays to you all!

If you are looking for some place to donate some money before the end of the world year, make sure you check out the Wikimedia Foundation to support Wikipedia, the #1 free source of basic knowledge for all of us. For the Dutchies: Check Bits of Freedom, to keep the internet an open and free place.

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Meme time: Running Xcelsius and Excel

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012

It happened again…

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