#MyFirstMac & MacGaming in the ’80’s!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014

The Macintosh turned 30 last week and in celebration of this event people were sharing their first Mac stories on Twitter (#MyFirstMac). My parents bought our first Mac somewhere in 1988 I guess. It was a very happy Macintosh SE and I actually still have him sitting on my desk!


The main purpose of the Mac (and the StyleWriter II printer) was for my mom to do the bookkeeping for our local store. But, I mostly remember the fun we had playing with applications as MacPaint, MacDraw, MacWriteHypercard and of course the games. There was a Mac community club in the Benelux called Mactivity, and they’d mail a bunch of disks every two months with new utilities, fonts, sounds, icons, programs, games and so. For years this was the only way we got new stuff to run on the Mac!

Going down the memory lane, I went on YouTube and Wikipedia today to check some of the epic games we played for hours and hours on that small black and white screen. Below I posted a selection of them.


MacGolf Classic


ShufflePuck Café

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Steve Jobs movie – finally watched it

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014

After missing the Steve Jobs movie last summer in the theater run I finally watched it yesterday at home on BR with fellow Apple fan/evangelist @reddrummaster. In the past 15 years I read everything on Apple, Woz and Jobs so I already know all the great stories, but I still like to go through them one more time on screen. This expectation was clearly wrong and therefor the movie kinda sucked.

The story that they tell is extremely incomplete from begin to end. Not mentioning the stories of the blue box, the Xerox Parc visit and the naming of the Lisa is pretty meh, but skipping all his years at Pixar and NeXT?!? Ugh. And the movie finishes with the Steve Jobs return at Apple in 1997. The End.

So, I clearly prefer the 25 hour (!!) audio book of the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson over this Ashton Kutcher movie. The ’99 Pirates of Silicon Valley movie is also a very good pick, but of course this one also only shows you part of the story.

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