Video: SAP Analytics Cloud Data Analyzer Update [2021.22]

Posted by Xavier Hacking

The SAC Data Analyzer is an ad-hoc analysis tool built-in the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, which works in a similar way as the classic BEx Web or the Analysis for Office plugin for Excel. For some unknown reason you could only access the Data Analyzer via a specific URL; not via the SAC menu (adding a content link in the SAC Catalog would be the most straightforward workaround). I always found this really a shame, as probably just a small part of the SAC community has ever seen and used it, while it is an easy tool to access your (live) data without having to go through all the steps to build a SAC model and a story.

Luckily this changes in QRC2021.4 and Data Analyzer will be much more featured within SAC. A good reason to have another look at it. Check out the video! - Nov 10, 2021 | SAP Analytics Cloud, Video
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